Effectively Using Storage During a Move

Advice on storing your important business documents

Clearing up space in your office is a necessary process as the time goes by. As your office space fills up with important documents, you do not want to have to rent out additional office space in order to store them. Instead, you can make the most of self-storage services. However, you cannot simply dump everything into a storage facility and be done with it. Down the line, it is inevitable that you will need to find certain documents, something which will be impossible if you have not properly organised and packed them. Read More 

What to consider to make packing for moving as easy as possible

When moving, you'll need to pack your whole life into boxes. This is a large task that demands a lot of work. It's also very important that you pack everything properly in order to prevent it from breaking when it's loaded onto the moving truck. Different furniture removals companies sometimes offer packing services, which can be a great solution to get everything packed properly, but if you want to save money and perform the packing yourself, there are some things you can think about. Read More 

All You Need to Know About Your Cool Room

One of the most important things you need to know as the owner of a cool room is how it works, how and why it can malfunction, and what you can do to maintain the health of your system. Many businesses end up losing money by not knowing how their cold room operates, which prompts them to hire technicians at the slightest hint of an issue with the system. Save money, time and worry by learning how your cold room functions and what you can do to keep it from ever needing cool room repairs. Read More 

Four Reasons You Should Not Share a Storage Unit With the Person You Are Divorcing

After a divorce, there are a range of reasons to hire a self storage unit. However, due to a combination of desperation and finances, many divorced people share a storage unit with the partner they are divorcing. While it may work in some situations, sharing a storage unit is not advisable. Here's why you should avoid it: 1. It is not your financial responsibility to house your partner's stuff If your partner moved into a great apartment with their new lover and left you to deal with the house and its contents, you are likely dealing with a lot of your partner's junk. Read More 

Important Tips On How To Prepare Your Storage Unit For Winter

Winter is already setting in across the country and this calls for proper storage of your items, especially those you will not be using for the next few months. If you have a self-storage unit, don't forget the items you have stored inside too. Proper winter storage is vital to ensure your items do not become damp, rotten, water logged or full of mold when you finally retrieve them. Read on to see some of the things you can do to prevent such damage in your storage unit: Read More 

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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