Effectively Using Storage During a Move

What to consider to make packing for moving as easy as possible

When moving, you'll need to pack your whole life into boxes. This is a large task that demands a lot of work. It's also very important that you pack everything properly in order to prevent it from breaking when it's loaded onto the moving truck. Different furniture removals companies sometimes offer packing services, which can be a great solution to get everything packed properly, but if you want to save money and perform the packing yourself, there are some things you can think about.

Use the proper tools for packing

The most important thing when packing your belongings is to use the proper tools. Invest in boxes made from extra durable cardboard, as you will want the movers to be able to stack the boxes high in the moving truck. Otherwise, you might have to pay for an extra truck. Durable cardboard boxes will make the risk of the boxes collapsing smaller. Also make use of clothes and other items you might have that are made of fabric for packing your things without risking that your delicate things will break. Use socks to fill up and wrap glasses and blankets to protect your delicate furniture and technology. TVs are especially prone to break from transporting, as they cannot be put face down, so be sure to carefully wrap it.

Organise your belongings

You will also need to mark everything you pack, as the people at the furniture removal company will have to know how to store different things in the truck. You should also mark boxes and items with the room that they are going to, to make it easier for the company to know where to put things. Buy some colourful tape to mark the boxes. This will make it even easier to spot which box is going where, more than if you just write the name of the room where it's going. If you disassemble bigger pieces of furniture, like beds, you should wrap up the stacks of pieces and mark them as well. It's hard to identify what it is if it's just a stack of wood.

When actually moving

Pack an overnight bag for you and your family so that you don't have to start digging through all of your boxes to get to the essentials. It might also be a good idea to pack the things you'll need first thing in the morning in a see through box that you can access quickly. Tools can be good to have easy access to so that you can un-do the work you've put into wrapping all of your belongings up easily.

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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