Effectively Using Storage During a Move

Four Uses For a Drive Up Self-Storage Unit

There are many advantages to using a drive-up self-storage unit, from easy access to the ability to store a wide range of items. This article explains four ways that a drive-up unit can make your life easier.

Make Moving a Breeze

Moving can be really stressful, and a self-storage unit can take some of the stress out of it. It'll allow you to start packing earlier, and move low-use items to your storage unit, meaning your home won't be full of boxes for weeks.

You can also use the unit to store items while you settle in or to cover a gap between leaving your old home and moving into your new one. Make sure you choose a unit that's large enough to cover your needs.

Store Your Business Essentials

You can also use your storage unit to safely store your business essentials. Whether it's boxes of handmade ornaments, the banner and decorations you use at business fairs, leaflets and flyers, or crates of stock, it can be hard to find room for it in your home. If you're interested in keeping your business items out of the way, or in creating a separation between your work and your home life, a drive-up storage unit is for you.

Take Care of Your Collectibles

Collecting things can be really fun and rewarding, whether you collect action figures, records, or sports memorabilia. However, it can also be useful to have somewhere to keep it that isn't your home, where your items can't be damaged by children, pets, or simply random accidents. If you want a place to keep your collection, whether it's during a move or just in general, a storage unit is the perfect option.

Have a Huge Clear-Out

Finally, a self-storage unit is useful if you're clearing our your possessions. It's a good idea to clear out everything you own, from clothes to ornaments, every so often. If you aren't sure whether you want to keep something, try putting it in a storage unit for a few months. If you didn't need it, chances are that you don't care about it that much.

If you don't know what to keep or throw away, multiple home and lifestyle publications have suggestions. In addition, you might try Marie Kondo's method of making sure anything you are keeping sparks joy.

Whether you want to make moving easier, boost your business, store your collections, or make decluttering simple, a drive-up self-storage unit can help you achieve your goals in a way that's cost-effective and convenient. Contact companies like Stick It Where It Fits Storage. 

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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