Effectively Using Storage During a Move

2 Mistakes People Make When They Rent Storage Units

Here are a couple of mistakes that people make when they rent storage units.

They overfill their units

Many people make the error of overfilling their storage units. Whilst it might be possible for a person to, for example, stack their boxes so high that they touch the storage unit's ceiling or fill the floor of the unit with so many items that they cannot reach the unit's corners or back, this does not mean that this is a good idea.

If for example, a person stacks their boxes very high, they might not only need to use a ladder every time they wish to get items out of the boxes at the top of these piles but there is also a risk that one of these stacks will topple. This could not only result in the person in the unit being hurt by the falling boxes but could also lead to the contents of these boxes, as well as any items they land on in the unit getting broken.

Overfilling a storage unit can also make it hard for a person to quickly reach the items that they need, even if they know exactly where they are. For example, if a person has stowed a particular book in a box and placed it in one of the back corners of their unit, but then filled the rest of the unit without leaving any space for a pathway to this corner, then it could take hours for them to access the box in which they've stored this book. As such, it's important for people to not fill their units to the point where they create a hazardous environment or cannot easily find or access certain items.

They don't prepare their items before storing them in their units

Another mistake some people make is not preparing their belongings before storing them in their units. For example, if a person wants to store some of their clothes in their units, they should wash and assess each of their garments to ensure that they're clean and moth-free before they put them in the unit.

If they don't do this and instead put stained, unclean clothes or moth-infested garments in this storage space, mould might develop on their clothes or the garments could get ruined by the moths. Likewise, if a person wants to put their lawnmower in their storage unit but doesn't empty this equipment's full fuel tank before doing this, and the tank then leaks, they might end up with a storage unit whose floor is covered in diesel or petrol. Given this, it is essential for people to prep their items before they put them into their storage unit.

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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