Effectively Using Storage During a Move

All You Need to Know About Your Cool Room

One of the most important things you need to know as the owner of a cool room is how it works, how and why it can malfunction, and what you can do to maintain the health of your system. Many businesses end up losing money by not knowing how their cold room operates, which prompts them to hire technicians at the slightest hint of an issue with the system. Save money, time and worry by learning how your cold room functions and what you can do to keep it from ever needing cool room repairs.

How it works

Your cool room operates on a continuous system that calls for cooling, defrosting, and warming; repeated over and over again to refrigerate a commercial storage area. With this system, your room essentially gathers heat from within the room and feeds it into your system's evaporate. The evaporator then fans the air into the compressor, cooling the temperature of the air in the process. From there, the air is passed through your condenser fan, which distributes the cold air into the front end of the evaporator and into the room, subsequently lowering the temperature. To prevent the room and its system from freezing over, the compressor and condenser fan shut off, preventing warm air that is collected in the back end of the condenser from cooling, but still allowing it to drift through the front of your evaporator. This allows the room to slightly reheat, which jumpstarts the cooling system all over again and turns the compressor and condenser fan back on.

If you're wondering, the temperature is what controls the function of the compressor and condenser fan. When your temperature drops too low, your compressor and condenser will shut down. When the temperature rises too high, they will automatically turn back on. Your evaporator will always run and at times you may notice that ice builds up on the system. This is entirely normal, as the ice will melt once the temperature rises and initiates a natural defrost within the room.

Preserve the health of your cold room

Most cool rooms fail because the condenser is either dirty or the evaporate is continually frozen over. Both issues are easily fixed and rarely ever require hiring a technician unless there becomes more serious issues with specific parts and functions of your system. With a dirty condenser, the best approach is to take a brush and manually gently brush any debris build up along the condenser's coil. Every few months, you should have a professional clean the inside of the coil with high-pressure air. If your condenser is not regularly cleaned, your system will overheat and fail, which can cause significant damage to your condenser if this regularly occurs.

Additionally, the entire system can freeze over if the temperature in the room is set too low. Your system naturally controls the temperature in the room and powers on and off as needed. However, if you lower the temperature at any point, you risk the evaporator freezing and your cold room completely defrosting. This can ruin any stored items in the room, do damage to your system if regularly repeated and significantly increase your electricity bill as your system uses more energy to restart and cool a warm room.

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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