Effectively Using Storage During a Move

3 Top Trends to Look Out for in a Self-Storage Service Provider

Just like any other industry, trends in the self-storage industry are constantly reshaping how storage service providers offer their products. Notably, if you are looking for self-storage service, then you are better off selecting a service provider that keeps up with the trend. It is the only way you will choose a facility that is not only secure but that which also offers unrivalled convenience. Nonetheless, you first need to understand current trends that are shaping the self-storage service segment to enjoy the full benefits. Read on to find out more.

1. Valet-Storage -- When you think of valet service, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the uniformed personnel at hotel entrances who help guests to park and retrieve their cars. The last thing you expect from a self-storage service provider is, therefore, valet-services. Nevertheless, this is precisely the kind of service that serious storage facilities are currently adopting. Rather than pack your belongings and drive to a storage facility on the outskirts of the city, valet-storage service providers do everything for you. The service provider picks up your belongings, stores them at their facility, and retrieves them upon your request. The convenience that the personalised service offers is unmatched. The trend is driven by the increased need for on-demand services as well as the shift from storage facilities that are located in industrial neighbourhoods to remotely located warehouses. 

2. App-based Storage Services -- The advancements in technology have not left the self-storage industry behind, and service providers are leveraging on the convenience that smartphones offer customers. Traditionally, you had to either call a service provider or drive up to their facility to either book a storage unit or inquire about the services available. Today, however, a few companies are changing their approach by collaborating with developers to create smartphone apps that allow customers to access storage services at the comfort of their home. All you have to do is download the app on your phone, sign up, and you are set to enjoy a broad array of storage services. For example, you can access photos of your belongings directly on the app to confirm if your belongings are intact. 

3. Free Storage Bins -- When you take your belongings to a storage facility, the chances are that you will need to put them in some box just so that the belongings remain secure. However, since carton boxes don't guarantee such security, you might need to opt for more expensive storage boxes. Some service providers believe this is an inconvenience that customers should not have to deal with, and therefore, they offer free storage bins. The service providers deliver the boxes to your residence complete with zip-locks and personalised tags for maximum security.

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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