Effectively Using Storage During a Move

3 Ways to Use Your Rainwater Tanks for More than Water Storage

Most homeowners who opt for a rainwater tank tend to do this out of a desire to reuse the rainwater in gardening. Though this is a common way to use the rainwater, it is also where most people tend to stop. The truth is that there are other ways that you can use the water in your rainwater tanks to create a sustainable home and lifestyle. Here are a few of those ways and how they can benefit your home.

Greywater Systems

A greywater system reuses water in certain areas of the home where purified water may not be necessary. For example, you can use greywater to flush toilets. You can also send the water through your filtration systems and reuse it throughout the home. If you choose to use your rainwater for these tasks, you could save gallons each month as well as reduce your water and energy bills throughout the month as well. This can be especially beneficial during intense rainy seasons.

Aquaponic Gardening

One way that people have found to use their rainwater tank storage is to feed the water into aquaponic gardening. Aquaponic gardening is a method that some urban homesteaders use to create two forms of sustainable food sources—the first source being a renewable fish source like tilapia fish and the second being the vegetables and greens that can be grown using the fish's natural environment. It reduces the need for soil and helps reuse rainwater in a sustainable way.

Laundry Uses

You may not think about using rainwater to help with laundry, but with the right tank and accessories, you can. This can save hundreds of gallons of water costs over the course of the year, especially in heavy rain areas. The rainwater can be transferred through hoses and a pump system into your laundry room. The water can be filtered and used to wash your clothes. This may give you an ideal cleaning set-up, especially since the rainwater will not contain the heavy levels of calcium that hard water may have, which affects how well certain laundry soaps work.

Once you begin researching the different ways that you can use the rainwater collected in your rainwater tanks, you can begin to see how you could turn your home into a sustainable urban homestead. If you think you are ready to move forward with any of these methods, consider visiting your local home improvement or gardening center for parts and assistance. To learn more about rainwater tanks, contact a company like Clark Tanks.

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