Effectively Using Storage During a Move

Different Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Portable Storage Shed

A storage shed can prove to be quite convenient for your property. However, not all residences will have this structure already constructed on their residence. If you are considering having a shed, you would have to make the decision between constructing one from scratch of opting to purchase a prefabricated, portable shed. The following are some of the different pros and cons of opting for a portable storage shed.

Advantages of a portable shed

  • Portable sheds are economical: One of the main pros of choosing a portable shed is that it is much more economical than building one. When constructing a shed on your property, you would have to factor in the price of materials as well as the cost of hiring contractors to build it. Since portable sheds are mass-produced, they tend to be cheaper than having to build one.
  • Portable sheds take a short time to assemble: The process of constructing a shed can take a considerable amount of time. Not only do plans have to be drawn up, but the contractors will also have to carry out a site survey, site preparation and finally the construction of the structure. Portable sheds, on the other hand, come in parts that would need to be assembled. This will take a significantly shorter time than having to construct a new shed.
  • Portable sheds do not require permits: If you are engaging on construction on your property, chances are you will need to seek building permits from your local council. You may also incur additional costs of paying for these permits. Since portable sheds do not require any constructing, it is highly unlikely that would need to alert your local council and seek permits for it.
  • Portable sheds are convenient: Whether you are renting or own your home, a portable shed is a convenient option. These sheds can easily be disassembled and relocated without much fuss. Making it ideal for people who may eventually move out of their home or opt to put their house back on the real estate market.

Drawbacks of a portable shed

With all the benefits of a portable shed, there are still some drawbacks that you would have to consider. The main disadvantage is that portable sheds do not come with flooring. When you construct a permanent shed, the contractors will also lay a foundation and flooring for it. Portable sheds, on the other hand, tend to simply come as a housing structure. Meaning you would either have to contend with your garden being the flooring or invest in flooring materials. 

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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