Effectively Using Storage During a Move

What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Mailbox for Your Facility

If you own an office building with several tenants or an apartment complex, then of course a standard mailbox just won't suffice. Choosing a commercial mailbox may be more complicated than you realize simply because you have so many options, but you need to ensure you invest in one that is functional for your facility and that will last for years to come. Note a few things to consider when choosing a commercial mailbox so you know you get the right choice.


If your mailbox will be situated outside and not in a mailroom inside a building, you want to consider the material carefully. Aluminum won't rust or corrode so it may be a better option for being exposed to the elements. However, aluminum is also very lightweight so it may suffer more damage from vandals who use it as target practice, or it may be more likely to topple in strong storms and show dents and dings due to hail, gravel that flies up from nearby traffic and the like. Materials like steel or iron may need more maintenance over the years due to exposure to the elements, but they will offer strength against potential damage. Consider all these factors to decide whether aluminum, steel or iron is the best material for your needs.

Allow for growth

You have a set number of office suites or apartments in your complex so you may think that you can choose a letterbox with that same number of slots, but it's good to allow for growth. You might find that you want to split some office suites down the road, as companies downsize and don't require the rental of such large suites. Splitting these office suites earns you more rental revenue, but you need to be able to provide mailboxes for all those tenants. Some companies may also want a larger or second box because of the amount of mail they receive.

The same is true if you have an apartment or residential complex. You might offer secondary boxes for tenants, marked with an A or B or other such designation, for roommates or couples who aren't married and want to keep their mail separate. You can charge a fee for these secondary boxes. Larger boxes might also be used for package delivery, and you might rent these to tenants for an added fee if they often receive bulky packages. Allowing for this type of growth with your mailbox can then mean added revenue for your complex, just from the letterbox alone.

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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