Effectively Using Storage During a Move

3 Tips on Successfully Removing Your Ex-husband's Stuff from Your House

If your ex has taken off and left you with a house full of memories of the life you shared together you may be contemplating the best way to remove all of his stuff. Here is our guide on how to get his stuff out of your house and the memories of him out of your mind.

Remove the most annoying stuff from the house

If there are items that you find particularly annoying, remove them from your house and put them in the shed or box them into the spare room. While it can be tempting to dump his stuff on the curb and set it on fire, if you end up in Family Court this can be held against you and you may be found liable to replace of pay for the items you have destroyed.

Inform them you will be disposing of their stuff

Inform your ex in writing that you will be removing their stuff from your house in 30 days. This allows them to either organise a new address for it to be moved to, or a storage unit. Let them know that they can come to your house and remove the items, or mark the items that are to be removed at a date that suits you.

If the split has been acrimonious and there have been threats made against people or property by either party, the police can supervise the visit back to the house to make sure the process proceeds without anyone arguing. If you wish to hold onto some items, then you may need to pay out their share of the item - which can be negotiated as part of your settlement.

Organise a professional removalist

If your ex doesn't want to come back to the house it can be a much easier solution to get a professional removalist company involved. A removalist is less emotionally involved, and you can supervise the move to make sure only the appropriate listed items are removed from the house then dispose of any items that you both don't want.

Second-hand companies or charities will often pickup unwanted, good quality items. If your ex has moved a significant distance (interstate or overseas) hiring services like Leader Removals & Storage can be a particularly efficient way of moving on.

Now you have rid the place of his stuff, enjoy the space. It's time to redecorate and fill your house with new items, and new memories.

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Effectively Using Storage During a Move

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